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ROMUT is an indie first-person psychological horror game that relies on oppressive atmosphere.

Sometimes you have to plunge into the terrifying darkness in order to change something.

I did it in one day, but I tried to do it well.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(134 total ratings)
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Unity


ROMUT v1.1.zip 241 MB


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I loved this game! Please.. Enjoy the video! <3

Extremely well made, loved and feared every second

This game was Terrifying!

My playthrough of your game

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Terrifying from start to finish. Was not expecting THAT jump scare! I only play horror games for my YT channel and this was perfectly horrifying! 

Very interesting gameplay.

I wish the game had a bit more depth in it, but otherwise - 7/10 pretty good

Creepy little game, no idea what was happening!


OMG! You made this in one day?! Make a full length game. I know I would buy it. This was creepy!!

One of my friend recommended me this game. She said this game worth a video. It absolutely worth one! I am a hungarian content creator, if you are interested check out my video about this game!

Very cool for a game that was made in a day, I think you did quite well!
Also my guy, was that monster in my thumbnail you? If so, that's hilarious! Warning : Video is far from PG.

This was a good short game! I loved the atmosphere in this and made me chilled! Made me feel more anxious than scared

this game was awesome i was tripping out. I was actually pretty scared and i complete the game in a good amount of time  , i made a video on it and hope it does well so you can create more horror games in the future  , Goodluck with the rest of your games and i cant wait to play them!

this one kept me guessing! my name is raven and i play scary games and hang out on youtube 

The game was awesome and very much in line with my horror channel. As I was playing I was thinking what the hell were those little heads. I am right in assuming the those were TUMOR (ROMUT). Either way great game 


Great stuff!

Thanks for making a really awesome game! I have a hunch that the game is a big metaphor and decided to give out my theory in my video! Will definitely be playing more of your games! 


Thank you very much for your awesome game, Dude! Keep it up! 10/10.

This was such a cool game! It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! Here is my video:)

do I have to watch your video, or can I just download the game and play it for myself? 

Depending which device your using I'm sure you can download it for your self. 

I LOVED THIS GAME! Full Let's Play on my channel! Hope you like it! Cant wait for more games like these! 

nice game.

"tumor" backward


great short creepy game

what’s the video for? People are here to download a game, not watch someone else play a game. 

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That Was Scary As Hell This Game I Didnt Even Want To Approach The Scary Sounds At First But I Had To Not Bad The Game It Was Fun.

If you like what you saw in this video let me know on by leaving me a comment.

Dude this was a phenomenal short game. I loved everything about it. If you can do this within a day i can only imagine how terrifying and intense a game of yours would be after years of development. Thanks for the experience!


It is a great game, the jumpscare got me good, the method to switch places was interesting and well implemented and the atmosphere you built gave me goosebumps.

Dude.... I remember playing your game Wrong Floor and that was insanely terrifying and this one... may not be AS terrifying but it is still one of those horror games done WELL! Absolutely loved it!

What. A. Game. not bad, not bad at all. I enjoy the concept of the game very much and love the visuals. The game is not overly scary, but it will have you wondering what's next!

This game is terrifying! I don't understand collecting the head things but that jump scare almost made me cry LOL! I only play horror games and this one was amazing!

Great stuff! Spoooooky!

Awesome concept for a game, suspense was done well and I like that it was left up to interpretation! Final game in the video.

If you can make such a short horror game this good and terrifying,  I wonder what you can do with a game that is about an hour long. 

This was freaking fantastic . Keep up the good work, can wait for your next project. If so, use the same flashlight style you used in this game!


I was surprised by the atmosphere in this game, doesn't look like an Indie game at all, that effect that changed the head by getting close and the flashlight was pretty cool too. What a nice work!

i really enjoyed this one, well done to the team who made this game.

Never has fear struck me so deeply! My Depends filled the instant the first jump scare occurred, and the sweat stains on my shirt will never wash out. That's okay though, the game was worth it. You get a pass... this time.

Hi, i liked the game, im not a big fan of jump scares (i think there aren't necessary) but that's just a personal preference. You achieved a nice creepy atmosphere, i liked that. keep up the great work!

very nice game searching for heads is awsum

short but sweet horror game

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