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Very well made game! Great graphics and seriously scary atmosphere!

From the moment I started playing this I wanted to quit out of fear LOL! All your work is horrifying (which is a good thing) and I enjoyed this on my horror gaming channel! Looking forward to more work from this dev.


Great, short game with beautiful graphics and a spooky atmosphere. Your creature was quite an interesting type and I enjoyed getting a close look at him. The short maze was interesting too, especially with the surprise. Had a good time playing, thanks for creating :)

nice game.

Hi NeN4bA
I really enjoyed your game Romut, so I thought I will give this game a go as well. It was short as promised but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The First jumpscare was pretty quick but I did not expect that at all. 

Maybe next time do that a bit later in the game (as you already did in Romut) because it will make it scarier and less unexpected.

but my man the way you implemented the flashlight is pretty freaking awesome. It makes the game SOO MUCH more scarier. Thumbs up to you.
Can't wait for more projects.
In case you want to enjoy my playthrough.

Great game! Would love to play some longer ones! Love your work!

very creepy game but enjoyable a few good jump scares Aswell

there were some good scares in this if only there were more 

As soon as I saw the flashlight I thought of ROMUT, and now I can see why!  You make awesome games my friend!  5 stars!

I liked it a lot. Very creepy!

Was NOT expecting to be terrified and lost the way I was playing this. I've played your other work and you have a real talent for horror games. My hands are shaking as I type this LOL 


It was a fun little scare and I enjoyed it!

Very cool. Love the flashlight effect... :)

Good job with this. The darkness is absolutely perfect, the best I've seen since Blair Witch or the new RE games, it helps the atmosphere a ton.
I'd probably suggest ditching a couple of the jumpscares in favor of atmosphere building moments (seeing a hand around a door frame, a figure walking away in the distance, etc.) but otherwise, I had a ton of fun and look forward to seeing what other games you make!

::insert picture of me looking scared with mouth open::

Pretty well made and great graphics. Playtime ~10m.

My playthrough:


My thoughts on the game:

  • There were many cheap scares, I wish the scares were more elaborately thought through and weren't just pop in and out for no apparent reason or realistic possibility.
  • Did the guy not have a phone or something to record the strange occurrences? Kind of weird considering he's been waiting to go down into the supposedly haunted basement for ages.
  • I wish there was a better ending. It's more of just a "You left" than anything, and no continuation to the story either, like what happened after you left the basement? Did you report your findings? Did you decide to try to kill that monster?
  • At the ending you can keep on moving oddly enough.
  • Really great graphics! I found them quite realistic, especially with the smooth flashlight movement.
  • Some sections actually contained pretty good scares like the long hallway with the heartbeat, I was on edge thinking something would chase after me or pop up through the bars to grab me.
  • A main menu would've been neat.
  • Puzzles or chases would've been amazing here.

Overall, definitely a very great game. Quite immersive with the graphics and movement. Amazing job! :)

alriiight- i gotta give it to ya. I’m impressed. A solid collection of scares and uneasiness. GREAT job. I honestly had fun.

The game needs some improvement, but it managed to catch me with the claustrophobic backdrops and good camera movements.

game name: rocking red belly

game was creepy fr (Game Starts at 5:48)

It`s a creepy game.

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While the game may work well for content creators, I honestly couldn't find such "well crafted deep storyline" in the description. At some point I thought it was just a parody/troll game done in a bit of a rush ^^"

Sure, you've got some parallax steep relief mapping all over the place, in what seems to be a maze without logic. Doors, tubes, chains and some furniture decorates the surroundings, but the level design feels uninspired.

The game starts without a menu, and ends by simply fading the camera to black (but you can still wander around).

It's a good starting point if you're aiming to build your first game, but at the moment feels more like an unnecessarily heavy tech demo of a generic 10 minute-horror game.

I can't tell if you're a young gamedev, but in the description you're definitely overselling it :) 

Keep up with the good work, but spend some time playing other games as well to find your unique style. At the moment the game feels a bit too generic ;)

This was a creepy game. Great work! 

Short but not bad. The graphics are really good although a lot of the scares were cheap. Made a video on it.

 scary game

Good job mate, you polished it up nicely

oh creepy!

Thank for made this game !

You scared me with the first instalment of this game, and this version gets me even worse.

Keep them coming, I would love to see a bigger world with some more jump scares.

love your game :):):) THANK YOU :D